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Wilkommen! Greetings to all the brats who lived in Heilbronn and surrounding area. This welcome includes everyone whether you went to school in Heilbronn or not. I lived in Heilbronn from1981-83 and 84-87. I've had a hard time finding people who lived in Heilbronn. I thought this website would make it easier. If anyone has any pictures or suggestions to improve this site-please let me know

-When I last visited Heilbronn in 1999, Most of Wharton had been torn down. About a year ago someone living in Heilbronn told me that they were turning the old Wharton Barracks area into a business and shopping district. I was also told that lower housing was being torn down. I don't know for sure if that is happened. If anyone has visited recently and has info to share please let me know. - Also the "new" PX that was built in the late 80s still stands next to the Jr. High- but now it's a Handelshof and there is a parking garage in front of it. At least this is how it looked in August 1999.

****I apologize to everyone who has sent email that I have not responded to. I know there are a lot of people trying to reconnect and I am very bad at responding to emails and updating things. So to make it easier for everyone I have started a yahoo group for anyone who was stationed and or went to school in Heilbronn. Click on the yahoo group button below.

Click here to join heilbronn_reunion
Click to join heilbronn_reunion

**Good luck to all:) and Thanks for the support. Mir 2/6/06

Miranda Moore


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